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Inhumane Sports

Green Mountain Animal Defenders opposes the use of animals in any form of sport in which animals have no choice but to participate.

In dog fighting, hog-dog fighting, and cockfighting animals are forced to fight each other, often until one of the participants dies, while the audience bets on the "winner." Bullfighting is equally abhorrent, as bulls are taunted and stabbed so that the bullfighter can win a heavily-stacked contest against the weakened animal.


Dogs and horses used in racing contests are often drugged to hide signs of illness and injury, and discarded or destroyed when they are no longer winning or profitable.

Animals used in rodeos are relatively domesticated. They are forced to act "wild" for the amusement of onlookers thrpugh the use of artificial means such as electric cattle prods.

In donkey basketball, donkeys are pulled and prodded around an unsafe location.

People who win animals at a fair usually aren't thinking about making a long-term commitment to a pet. Too often, animals that are given away are left to die in hot cars, on rides, or elsewhere.

Ponies used in pony rides are tethered to a carousel or cart and forced to carry passengers for hours. This leads to hoof problems and other ailments. The ponies are generally sent for slaughter or otherwise discarded when no longer profitable.

Pigs used in pig races can be traumatized by noise and crowds, or injured as they run frightened or are tackled by human participants.

What Can You Do to Help?

Join us in boycotting and protesting any and all inhumane activities. Whenever possible, complain to the organizers of the events.

Report animal cruelty to local authorities.

Help us advocate for stricter animal cruelty laws.

If you become aware of an inhumane activity in Vermont, please notify us.

Check out our campaigns.

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